Lonesome Schoolboy Productions is an independent production company, dedicated to creating the highest standard of theatre and film, and was founded in 2010 by trained actor Niall Phillips. 

The company gained an established name with a series of writing nights entitled ‘ON A SPREE’ – a fresh look at gathering creatives together to create new work. It gave the writers, directors and actors the freedom to make mistakes and experiment, and to work on projects that they really believed in.

We then moved on to full scale productions on London's fringe circuit and The West End, including the sell-out success ‘LOVE VS HATE’, which comprised of two brand new plays, one with an all-female company performing a play about ‘hate’ and the other, an all-male company performing a play about ‘love’. More recently, the 5-star rated, offie-nominated production ‘LETTERS FROM EVERYONE’, ran for four weeks at the Drayton Arms Theatre in South Kensington.

We then began focusing on new voices and giving them a platform to show their work. Working with up and coming new writers like Chantelle Dusette, Andrew Maddock, Matthew Turner, Suzi Gill, Matthew Greenhough, Isabelle Emma and now with our writer in residence Frankie Meredith. 

The work Lonesome Schoolboy Productions makes appeals to theatre-goers from all walks of life, from theatre veterans to a younger generation. We also aim to include people with all types of special needs working within our production team, and insist all of our performances offer a relaxed attitude.

As part of an education out-reach programme, we offer acting workshops and writing sessions, as well as talks and Q&A sessions on all of our productions – giving our audiences a chance to meet the team and get advice about the industry.