12 - 30 Jan 2016

‘You ever had this?
A Feeling?
Not a headache,
Not a,

Ollie is a man trapped in a world of recreational drug use and health issues, Blue is a woman trapped in our world. Together they share a feeling. They just haven’t figured out what that is. In/Out (A Feeling) is an explosive exploration into London’s sex trade, told through the perspective of the consumer and supplier and supported by Unseen. A charity working towards a world without slavery and supporting those affected.
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Andrew Maddock is a playwright. He created the Off-West End nominated ‘The Me Plays’ in 2014 and is a drama facilitator working with young people at risk.
Niall Phillips is the artistic director of Lonesome Schoolboy Productions and an associate director at the Drayton Arms Theatre.
4 Stars – ‘The rhythm of Maddock’s words tumble in a mellifluous fashion, chiming with humour and heart, joy and tears. This work signposts a wonderful new talent on the theatre stage.’ – Islington Gazette on The Me Plays

‘Face To Face’
A brand new play written by Heather Jeffery and directed by Niall Phillips. Design by Ellis Higgins.
A co-production with Changeling Spaces Theatre, the play will be performed at the Drayton Arms Theatre in May.

An artist, recovering from a serious injury, develops a relationship with her sitter. This is shattered by the arrival of Shaun who drives a wedge of distrust between them. Is Rachel’s growing belief in a dangerous conspiracy a product of her over active imagination – or a very real threat?

May 5th – 23rd
Tuesday to Saturday: 8pm
Saturday Matinee: 3pm


Performed at: Drayton Arms Theatre, West London
Writer: Steven Lally
Director: Niall Phillips

“I wasn’t going to write a letter. It would only make me feel better and I don’t want to. Feeling like this is the piece bit of you I have.”

Sam is a homeless girl who begs by a roadside memorial. Andy’s the grieving father who’s desperate to move her. Jamie’s a posh kid who thinks he can help. And Julia. She’s a copper and deep in her bones she knows that there’s more to this than meets the eye. 'Letters From Everyone' is a play about how we live and grieve. About the hold the dead have over the living. But most of all it’s about London and the stories you find on every street…

Tom & Jerry

Performed at: Drayton Arms Theatre, West London
Writer: Nick Myles
Director: Niall Phillips

Tom & Jerry is the history of a relationship in four chaotic chapters. From their first ridiculous meeting onwards, Tom and Jerry are a couple chasing completely different goals, and yet something about their chemistry means the attraction stays real, no matter how much emotional furniture gets broken along the way. This is a play about compatibility, loyalty, commitment... but most of all it's a play about love.


Performed at: Drayton Arms Theatre, West London
Writer: Chantelle Dusette
Director: Niall Phillips

Cast: Kate Blackshaw, Greg Patmore, Michael Lyle

Jeremy Montague is in hospital fighting for his life. Anna Montague guilt ridden awaits her husband's fate. A visitor arrives.

"I've wrestled with this moment, uncertain of what I'll do, thinking I know what to expect, but of course that isn't true."



Performed at: Tristan Bates, Covent Garden

'To The End of Love'
Director: Sean Turner
Writer: Edwin Preece

A play about love, with a cast of six male actors.

Director: Zoe Ford
Writer: Chantelle Dusett

A play about hate, with a cast of female actors.

West End Christmas special

Performed at: Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden

Another sold-out night of new plays.

Niall_POSTER2_A2 copy.jpg

West End

Performed at: Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden
Host: Brennan Reece

A sold-out night of new writing, now in the West End.
New plays by Niall Phillips and Drew Ballantyne.


Performed at: Young Actors Theatre, Islington
Host: Brennan Reece
Cast: Steven Kelly, Eden Higgins, Dawn Sievewright

A night of new plays by Steven Lally, Niall Phillips and Susan Hodgetts.


Performed at: Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden
Writer: Megan McCormick
Director: Luke Adamson

A new comedy about a school putting on a production of the classic story. Along they way they are faced with issues. Heartbreak and being cool are only the start.


Performed at: Young Actors Theatre, Islington
Written and directed by: Niall Phillips
Cast: Mike Parr (Emmerdale), Colin Newell (Heavy D from storage Hunters) and Ellis Higgins (Cut, BBC)

A family fall apart as they have their lives turned upside down after they are burgled on a cold winters night.